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14th OCT *Special course menu by Chef SOHAN AHLUWALIA*

Dear customer:

First time in Tokyo-Goan food made by Chef SOHAN. An amazing collaboration dinner of Italian food and the unique cuisine of Goa, India at Mari e Monti.

On 14th October, the finale of Sohan visit to Tokyo will be the last appearance in Nishi Azabu Mari e Monti. Come let the good food time roll….


◆Eggplant Canape (Baingan Bharta)

Onions,tomatoes,ginger and eggplant cooked into a paste. Served on toast.

◆Insalata di Bresaola

Cured sliced Chianina beef served with rucola and parmisan cheese, olive oil and lemon dressing.

◆Spicy Goan Seafood (Jhinga Cafreal)

Shrimp and fish cooked in coconut cream with fresh coriander and basil.

◆Black Truffles Italian Risotto

Italian risotto with Umbria black truffles.

◆Slow cooked Pork Stew (Pork Sorpotel)

Pork belly cooked in red wine, tomatoes and Indian spices.

◆Rice Pudding Pistacchio Ice Cream

Rice cooked in milk and cream with cardamons accompanied by pistachio ice cream.


◇Price:¥11,000 per person including tax and service. All listed wine bottles in the wine menu will be discounted of 30%.

Buon appetito!

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